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🦁🦁Liondontmakeufamous “Fibbs” and ReAnn Zancanella winning 4th tonight at Wynnewood!!🦁

Posted: 2018-09-07
Updated: 2018-09-07 15:07:46 by: Jo
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Liondontmakeufamous aka Fibs

2010 Sorrel Filly

Sale Status: Sold
Sire Side
Lions Share Of Fame

Dash Ta Fame x
On A Bunny
First Down Dash x Sudden Fame
On A High x Ester's Bunny
Dam Side
Hummin Habit

Humbolt x
The Rabbit Habit
Alamitos Bar x  Tiny Kay
Bunny Bid x  Queen Jag
Status: Sold    
Bred by:   Raised by:    Trained by: