Frosted Shares

Frosted Shares


 2011 Sorrel Gelding

 28, 2019

Post Type: Event Run

Brie Wells and Frosted Shares by Lions Share of Fame making a qualifying run for the 1D Shoot Out short go. 15.321

Posted: Mar 02, 2019
Updated:  Mar 02, 2019  by: Joupdate

 1, 2018

Post Type: Event Run Win

🦁🦁Frosted Shares “Mitch” winning the barrel race tonight at Wynnewood by 2 tenths with 100 entries❤️❤️. Thank you Brie Wells for sharing your 🦄 with ReAnn Zancanella🦁

Posted: Sep 07, 2018
Updated:  Sep 07, 2018  by: Joupdate

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